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The following Steps outline the standard process for preparing, designing, revising and delivering your Design Product in an effective and timely manner.


When determining your project requirements, include:
Products – for example: Logo, Newsletter, Signature, Website
Outline – concepts, sketches, table of contents, website pages
Reference – diagrams and website links are encouraged
Materials – brand, imagery, text, video, other…
Color – preferences or technical specifications
Size – dimensions, approximate or exact
Style – classic, modern, futuristic, etc.


Based on your project’s Criteria we will present a Standard Schedule. Should you need an expedited schedule with faster turnaround, a Rush Schedule may be available for an additional fee – typically double and may vary according to the urgency of the deadline.


You will receive an email invoice Quote – usually within 24 hours – confirming the Schedule, Criteria, Line Items with amounts and balance. Design Product services incur no sales tax. Printing is typically not included in our Quotes, and printed materials from a professional printer are usually subject to sales tax.


Design Products require full payment In-Advance. Divided Payments: such as Start, Mid-Project and Final Invoice may be available when multiple Design Products / larger projects are needed, upon inquiry.


Our design style is bright and friendly, and we are happy to meet your specific needs. Design is performed in a timely manner and preview imagery is sent to you for review. We provide expert attention to color and detail.


Revisions – with your consolidated feedback from all key personnel – are then returned to BuzzCandy.Design detailing what changes are needed. We perform Revisions and send preview imagery for Finalization.


Client then provides any minor changes: image correction, typos, text edits. A Proof file will follow as verification. Finalization implies your acceptance and sign-off.

Final Invoice

Any added fees incurred by you during the design process will be included ( with your agreement ) and billed at the rate of $100 / hour. Final payment for your Invoice is required prior to delivery of your final Design Product.

Final Art

A finalized Design Product, provided as Final Art, at full resolution for its intended use, will be delivered to you with license rights in effect ( see Terms / License for more info ).

Master Files

Master Files are usually a complex form of a variety of files, sitting on multiple layers, marked up in short hand. Preparing a Master File for a client to use with any proficiency, in our experience, takes a lot of work to articulate often demanding a tailored guide, and specialized proprietary software is required to operate the different Parts. Plus, if you ever purchase the Master File – typically double the base fee – we're releasing our right to ever make money from that product again ( see Terms / License for more information ). Rest assured, your affordable Design Product ( without the Master File ) will be the exact resource you need: Final Art.


We always do our best to provide the lowest price possible. If a Quote is ever too high, please let us know and we will see how we can adjust features to bring the price down. If project demand is going to go over budget we will let you know in advance. If project completion ever comes in under original bid, we will provide a credit / refund.


If you are unsatisfied, please contact us so we may help resolve the issue. A full refund is possible if no work has begun or else a partial refund / credit may be issued for unfinished work. Design Products are not refundable once delivered. If you received a defective, damaged or incorrect item, contact us for correction.


Please see our 24 Points of Agreement: Terms – Design Products for a detailed explanation of conditions. By making payment to BuzzCandy.Design, you agree to the Terms & Conditions.

Last updated December 3 2020